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Denton City Contemporary Ballet 2 (DCCB 2)

The Denton City Contemporary Ballet 2, founded in 1994 by Artistic Director, Lisa Racina-Torre, serves as Denton Dance Conservatory’s junior company and gives our  students  an  additional  performing  outlet.  Dancers, ages  11+,  are either invited or accepted through an annual audition. Dancers are accepted at three different  levels:  Apprentice,  Junior,  and  Senior. Typically,  students that  are interested in becoming members of DCCB 2 have decided to make their dance training a primary focus and activity in addition to their regular schooling. Most of the  members  of  the  Denton  City  Contemporary  Ballet  have gone through the ranks of the Denton City Contemporary Ballet 2 in preparation for serious study during the summers and beyond high school.