Tuition Policies

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month (August 17th for August 2020). Tuition is pro-rated for August & June. The tuition is based on an ANNUAL rate and divided into 10 equal payments (Aug & June are 1/2 months). The amount is based on the number of classes during the entire school year--NOT the number of classes per month. For this reason, no adjustment can be made for holidays, absences due to illness, or weather cancellations. Tuition is non-refundable.

 DDC offers a 10% tuition discount for each add'l dancer after the second! The dancer taking the most classes is full price, and so on from there.

Payment Options:

DDC offers three different options for Tuition payments: 1) the 10 Monthly Payments Plan, thru AUTOPAY ONLY 2) Semester Pay with 5% discount, or 3) Full Season Pay with 10% discount. You may pay your dancer’s tuition and fees with credit card Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card, or Bank account through OUR ONLINE REGISTRATION/PAYMENT SYSTEM at

10 Monthly Payments Plan:

Upon registering at DDC, you are expected to pay your dancer's tuition for the full 10 months of dancing. Those taking advantage of our 10 Monthly Payments Plan are asked to set up their payments online through our ONLINE REGISTRATION/PAYMENT SYSTEM at to have the tuition automatically debited through a bank account or credit card each month. The 10-Payment Plan allows for withdrawal from the school with a 30-day written notice; tuition for one additional month will be due with notice; additional tuition for season will not be required. Tuition obligation will continue until written notice is received by the school. Tuition is non-refundable. All payments are due on the first of the month.

Full Season Pay
: The Full Season Payment Plan receives a 10% discount off yearly tuition rate, due at registration & non-refundable. Discount is valid when enrolling before September 30th of the current season. To compute your Full Season Payment Plan take the monthly tuition and multiply by 10 months, then subtract 10% (one month’s tuition!)

Semester Pay: The Semester Payment Plan participants receive a 5% discount off semester tuition rate, due at registration & non-refundable. Discount is valid when enrolling before Sept. 30th of the first semester, or Jan 30th of the second semester. To compute your Semester Pay Payment Plan take the monthly tuition and multiply by 4.5 months for the Fall or 5.5 months for the Spring, then subtract 5% .


The studio's Holiday show is “A Gift for Emma” held each year and co-hosted by Denton City Contemporary Ballet DCCB (the Conservatory’s affiliate non-profit dance company) and Denton Dance Conservatory. Most twice a week Ballet classes will perform choreography, as well as some Jazz & Contemporary classes. Dancers, ages 4-8 who are taking Combo classes at DDC are also invited to audition for the production. (Auditions are Sept 12th, 2020) All participants pay a Production Fee which is due with the November tuition payment and helps to cover the cost of performance facilities, technician fees, costumes, lighting, program, and advertising. All costumes for the show are furnished by Denton Dance Conservatory, LLC & DCCB. 

Production Fee per Student…………………..………. $40.00 per dancer ($60 per family)
Tickets for Performance : ……………………… …………..$20-$35 


(Please see DDC’s Student Handbook for details on photos, videos, etc and Recital Handbook distributed in April)

Recital Costume Fees:
 All costume fees will be posted to all families’ online accounts for all Spring Recital costumes October 2nd the balance of which will be due by November 1st. NO COSTUMES WILL BE ORDERED UNLESS THEY ARE PAID IN FULL BY THE DUE DATE. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. For those student accounts set up for AutoPay, the Costume & Production fees WILL BE DEDUCTED ALONG WITH THAT MONTH’S TUITION, but can be paid for separately through your online DDC account with a credit card, by check, or PayPal at our “Office Online” at, or cash during office hours BEFORE THE DUE DATE.

Annual Recital Fee:
 $50 per student $70 per family (due in April)

The recital fee helps to offset auditorium rental, technician fees, programs, incentive awards, lighting, liability insurance premium, etc. Each student will receive two free tickets to the recital. 
Recital Tickets: $10 & up

Recital Costumes: All costume fees need to be paid for by November 1st DEADLINE. Costumes paid for after that date will be subject to a $10/costume Shipping/Handling fee. December 31st is the latest date we can take costume payments. Recital costume fees range from $75 to $125