Dancewear Boutique/Online Store

Dancewear Boutique/Online Store

DDC’s In-House Dancewear Boutique Hours
Mondays through Thursdays, beginning July 31st!

We have leotards, tights, ballet, tap, jazz shoes, and accessories! Very convenient, excellent quality, and meets all of your dancer’s needs!

Shop Online

Please shop our online dancewear boutique during “off hours!” You will be able to select your particular class list and see recommended items from there. If a specific brand or style is not noted, please select the style of your choice.  IT IS ALSO RECOMMENDED THAT YOU FIT YOUR DANCE SHOES AT THE STUDIO TO CUT DOWN ON SIZING MISTAKES.  Shipping is minimal and returns/exchanges are EASY!

Class Attire

Combo Classes Ages 2-5 Ballet/Tap/Tumbling or Ballet/Tap

  • Pink Tights, plain black OR pink leotard (no prints please). No tutus.
  • Chiffon pull-on dance skirts in pink or black, optional
  • pink ballet shoes / black patten tap shoes with velcro closure
  • Hair secured off the face in ponytail or bun
  •  No jewelry.


  • Pink tights, plain black leotard (no prints please). No tutus.
  • Chiffon dance skirts are ok
  • Pink ballet shoes, pink split-sole ballet shoes for ages 10+.
  • Hair must be secured off the face in a bun for ages 10+. All others need a ponytail. No jewelry.


  • Black tap shoes, Black leotards, pink or tan tights, or jazz pants or leggings. (no street clothes please)
  • For beginner levels, tap shoes should have velcro closures and the taps already on the shoes. Please remove ties if you have them and insert elastic bands.  For dancers 10+, black jazz tap shoes are preferred.
  • Dancers in advanced tap may be required to have 1″ black-heeled tap shoes. Please check with the teacher
  • Hair must be secured out of the face either in a ponytail or bun. No jewelry.


  • Black matt Jazz pants or shorts (no bare skin please) or tan tights
  • Leotard: any solid color.
  • Shoes: Leather Tan Jazz Oxford with split-soles for all levels.
  • No bare mid-drift tops; shorts over tights only. No bare legs


  • any solid-colored leotard, black, tan, or pink footless tights, convertible tights, OR black cotton leggings.
  • No shorts or bare mid-drift tops please.
  • Hair must be secured tightly in a ponytail or bun.
  • Dancers may go barefoot, but beige or skin-colored neoprene ½ soles or Foot Undeez are preferred.
  • ATTENTION ALL COMPANY DANCERS & LEVELS IV & HIGHER SHOULD ORDER SKIN-COLORED APPOLLA SHOCKS FOR FEET (these are professional weight compression socks with a special adhesive ok for dance floors so that the dancers will not slip)

Hip Hop:

  • Clean BLACK Jazz sneakers or tennis shoes.  (Please do not wear your regular street sneakers on the dance floors as they leave all kinds of dirt on the floors.)
  • Leotard or T-shirt with jazz pants, loose-fitting jeans, leggings, etc.
  • No shorts please; no bare mid-drift tops.
  • Street attire is ok—be prepared to do inversions (handstands, etc.)


  • Ballet: White t-shirt/black biker shorts or black BOY’S/MEN’S dance tights, dance belt ages 10+, black ballet shoes.
  • Tap: same except black socks, black jazz pants, and black jazz tap shoes.
  • Jazz: same except black socks/Jazz pants and black jazz shoes.

Please have your dancer use a dance bag for his/her shoes and other dance “stuff.”  Please put names in each of your child’s shoes and on dance pants and skirts.  No bare midriffs or shorts!  (The oils from bare skin get on the dance floor and make it more slippery for pointe shoes.) IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR DANCER WEAR “COVER-UPS” ON THE WAY INTO THE BUILDING AND LEAVING THE BUILDING TO PROTECT DANCE CLOTHING AND FOR SAFETY/MODESTY REASONS.

Adult Dance Fitness

Ballet — Women: comfortable form fitting work out clothes OR leotard, tights (or leggings), skirts optional, ballet shoes Men: Comfortable work out clothes OR  white Tshirt, black men’s tights, dance belt, white socks, white ballet shoes HAIR: up and away from face in ponytail or bun

Hip Hop — comfortable, loose fitting clothes with clean sneakers (please no bellies showing)

Contemporary/Modern/Jazz — Women: comfortable form fitting work out clothes OR leotard, tights ( or leggins), hair pulled back, black jazz shoes Men: Comfortable work out clothes OR white Tshirt, black men’s tights or jazz pants, dance belt and black jazz shoes for jazz (barefoot for contemporary and modern)

Tap — comfortable loose fitting workout clothes OR leotard, tights (or leggings), black jazz tap shoes recommended


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