All Classes, Ages 6 – 8



Ballet Level II is the first time dancers use the ballet barre.  Facing the barre, young dancers are taught the “ballet check-list” in order to introduce correct placement, stretched knees, and a formality to the art form.  Dancers start to memorize the combinations instead of imitating the teacher, and perform with more independence.

Tap tempos increase, and combinations start to become a bit more complicated. These dancers will perform both a Ballet and a Tap piece in DDC’s annual Recital Showcase.

The Jazz part of this combo class is the very beginning level of Jazz at DDC.  Young dancers are taught that jazz technique is based on ballet.  Basic isolations of the upper body, as well as the turned in style of jazz are taught, along with the grounded and linear style of jazz.  Young dancers will enjoy dancing to age appropriate music, learning the fast/sharp/explosive movement that differentiates jazz from ballet.  These classes also perform in  DDC’s annual holiday production, “A Gift for Emma.”

Mini Hip Hop is age appropriate, fun, and funky! This class is designed to give beginning hip hoppers basic tools for learning dance combinations; rhythm, coordination, memorization skills & physical fitness are all benefits of this class!


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