How often can I observe my dancer in class?

At DDC, we are very proud to have our parents observe whenever they feel the need to do so.  It is quite normal for parents to sit in on the class the first couple of lessons.  We ask that our DDC families eventually try to observe once a month at the most (during the last week of each month is best) so that the dancers can become accustomed to being independent in the classroom.  We have an observation window that parents may utilize anytime.

Why does my child need to follow a dress code for every class?

A dress code allows instructors to see the dancer’s body alignment and positioning.  It helps create a professional environment and allows students to learn discipline and focus their energy on training.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about my child’s class placement?

Please contact the director, Lisa Racina, with any questions.  We are always happy to make appointments to discuss your dancer!  (LisaDDC4me@aol.com)

Why can’t my child just take one ballet class per week for levels IV, V, VI, & VII? 

Twice a week ballet classes are essential to a young dancer’s training because ballet is the foundation of all dance styles, and because the development of correct muscle structure and strength are an absolute necessity when it comes to dancers going “en pointe,” around age 11-12.

What is the dance company?

Starting at age 11, our DDC dancers in levels V, VI, and VII are invited to audition for our resident non-profit performing company, the Denton City Contemporary Ballet  (DCCB) and our youth company, DCCB 2.  Dancers involved in these two companies display a high level of commitment to their dance training and are so involved that dance is their only extra-curricular activity.  The Denton City Contemporary Ballet was founded by Ms. Lisa in 1989 and hosts our annual holiday production, “A Gift for Emma,” as well as the COLLAGE Denton Dance Festival.  DCCB also sponsors the DCCB Scholarship for Summer Study, a $500 talent-based scholarship for dancers who qualify through the Dance Council of North Texas.  For more info on our dance company, please click HERE!

Why does tuition remain the same for the months DDC is closed for vacations (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc.)?

Tuition is based on the entire dance season, which is then split into ten equal monthly payments.  Tuition is not based on how many classes are held per month.

Why don’t you have a circular driveway to make it easier for parents to “drive and drop off?

City codes require a wider lot and a certain percentage of curvature in order to put in a circular drive-way.  Our lot is not wide enough to accommodate the city’s requirements for that.

Why do we have to pay for recital costumes so early?

Our Annual Recital Showcase is planned year-round.  Because of the amount of time it takes to collect costume money, take measurements for every dancer, pick out age and theme-appropriate styles for over 60 classes, size each dancer’s costume according to each particular company’s size chart, order each piece per each costume company’s requirements, create a costume display for dancers and parents to see the styles, receive over 500 separate costumes, label and distribute each costume, try them on in class, and accommodate any necessary alterations…we have to start collecting costumes fees in November, take measurements in November/December, pick out and size in December, Order in January, receive shipments and label in March/April, have recital photos taken in May, and then perform in them in June.  Whew!

Why do I have to pay a Recital/Production Fee?

The Production Fee (due in November for holiday production) or Recital Fee (due in April) help offset the costs of putting on the shows—theatre rental, program printing, insurance liability, incentive awards, video projection, lighting and sounds technicians, music editing, security, backstage help, etc.  The Recital Fee gives each family two complimentary tickets to the show of their choice.

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