Hip Hop Ages 11-18


Class Age Level Day Time
Beg Teen Hip Hop 11-15 Levels 2 & 3 Tue 7:30-8:15
Int Hip Hop 12-14 Levels 3 & 4 Mon 7:15-8:15
Adv Hip Hop 15-18 Levels 5-7 Mon 8:15-9:15


Hip Hop focuses on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence. Derived from a combination of jazz funk and street jazz, this style of dance requires high energy, attention to detail and an understanding of complex rhythms. Isolations, popping, & free-style movement will all be a focus of this athletic and energetic dance style. Dancers will practice and perform to age appropriate music, wearing age appropriate costumes. These classes will perform in the end of the year Recital Showcase.

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